Prioritizing safety for all of our people and projects

We at Jade Creek Construction believe in safety. This is a philosophy that requires, and has, the buy-in of all of our employees from our executives down to the men and women working in the field. Our employees, and their families, depend on this philosophy to make sure they get home safely. Jade Creek has both established safety procedures and an open door policy that gives our employees the opportunity to provide ideas and feedback.

Regular evaluations and key metrics keep us on track. Our metrics? No fatalities or injuries. No damage to equipment or property. Accurate documentation of any incidents or near-misses.

These straightforward, honest metrics reflect our understanding that safety and productivity go hand-in-hand. Our efforts have earned us an excellent 0.57 EMR rating.

Jade Creek safety measures include

  • SSHO Independent Reporting
  • APP/ SSHP Development
  • Corporate Procedures and Corporate Safety Committee
  • Daily Safety Meetings
  • Posted Safety Performance Logs
  • Site Signage
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Incentives and Web-Based Training